What is Collaboration?

Collaboration is the process of working as a team, to successfully meet a desired outcome. Since our beginning, Formstructures has used a unique process of collaboration to understand the needs and wants of our client, implement a plan that meets our client’s budget and design requirements, working with an integrated approach, alongside the Architect and Consultants, to execute the plan in an efficient and effective way.

Our process is quite simple

We are involved at the concept stage of the project as part of the design team. We provide value engineering required between all the design disciplines to ensure that once final costing is obtained from all trades and material suppliers, the drawings and specifications are 100% complete, leaving no room for overlap and/or omissions. Our company acts as the “glue” between all the stakeholders involved and we ensure that, the budget and scope of work, meet our client’s expectations prior to starting construction. We have had enormous success with this process in the past 34 years including working with public companies.

From the Owner:
“In my first year of business, during a tender, I realized that the tender approach was quite antiquated. In my view it didn’t provide much value to the owner, other than obtaining the lowest priced contractor. My biggest concern with the conventional tender was that the builder and the owner end up working on opposite sides of the fence right from the beginning. After the contract starts, the contractor starts looking for extras which they can do because typically, the drawings and specifications have not been thoroughly vetted or coordinated between the owner and all the consultants prior to the Tender. This, unfortunately, leaves room for errors and omissions which leave the owner exposed to additional costs. Additional costs during the construction period are always priced higher than the same scope of work that would have been priced during a tender. Additionally, there is also an intangible, where in some cases, this missing scope of work will impede the momentum that is necessary in performing a project successfully and on time.”